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I am beyond proficient in several styles of massages consisting of but not limited to;

Swedish Massage:

Relax and relieve overworked, tired, sore muscles with smooth and flowing strokes incorporating the whole body for over–all wellness.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Focused muscle work using firm pressure to work deep into the muscles for anyone dealing with chronic pain or a recent injury.

Combination Massage:

A customized blend of targeted, focused muscle work along with relaxing strokes incorporated to soothe and heal in a gentle manner.

Reflexology Massage:

Pressure is applied to the feet with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on zone and reflex areas that reflect the image of the body on the feet, with the premise that such work directly effects a physical healing change to the body. Can be added to any massage or received as an individual treatment.

Hot Stone Massage:

Basalt stones are gradually heated for over an hour prior to treatment to ensure stones hold their warmth throughout the massage. Stones are placed all over the body and used as an extension of hands to massage; relieving tired, sore, achy muscles promoting a calm therapeutic relaxing treatment.

Reiki Treatment:

A holistic approach to healing our minds, bodies and souls. Strengthening the connection to our own innate healing abilities to replenish, nourish and allow for a deep healing on every level of ourselves. A good way to think of this treatment is as a guided mediation session to allow you to access pure calm, find peace, and surrender.

CranioSacral Therapy:

CST is a gentle yet powerful manipulation of our CranioSacral System – comprised of our brain’s protective fluid, membranes, and spinal cord, to remove restrictions and improve the overall function of our central nervous system. Complementing our body’s natural ability to heal. CST is effective for: migraines, chronic neck/back pain, TMJ, Scoliosis, concussions/brain trauma, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, PTSD, post surgery recovery, and more.

Pregnancy Massage:

For those who are expecting, after the first trimester. A massage that is educational as well as beneficial in supporting mom through the muscular and structural changes that occur during pregnancy while promoting relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Massage:

Long soothing rhythmic strokes flowing over the whole body from head to toe inducing deep sedative-like relaxation. A deeper healing for mind, body and soul to connect and unwind any disruptions or blockages preventing your overall wellness.

Sports/Targeted Massage:

Focused work on a particular area which involves more stretching and vigorous strokes to release muscle tension and increase flexibility.I’m constantly broadening my horizons and incorporating more types of massage into my menu. I also have the ability to bring all of the services listed here to you at your convenience.